Regenerate Grey Bruce

Formulating a community vision of what the residents of Grey and Bruce Counties collectively want the region to look like in the future.

Meet up

We want to build networks with local leaders who have "lived experience" in regeneration. We are relying on individuals who have skills that they can share, pilot projects they’d like to shine a light on, or have businesses that offer regeneration services. We are also seeking out educators who are comfortable speaking about regeneration in all its aspects.

Getting involved

See who's assisting in regeneration around us, in our Community videos here.

We are currently interviewing local people about what landscapes mean to their lives. If you want to talk about your personal relationship to landscapes, please contact us.

Also, we are looking for local leaders in landscape regeneration, in the following categories:

  • Potential mentors are people who have successfully implemented a regeneration project and would like to share their experience with others.
  • Potential business partners are businesses who offer regeneration-related services (landscaping, design, construction, consulting, education, personal development). We will offer a portal for regeneration services in Grey Bruce, as a one-stop shop for clients.
  • Potential educators and leaders are people who would like to receive free training in what landscape regeneration is, and how to put it into the larger context of change. We hope that participants feel empowered to talk about the need for regeneration to a broad range of audiences.

If you are interested for yourself, or want to suggest one of your community friends, please contact us. We will reach out to those interested, share our plans and listen to your ideas. If we find a common basis, we will profile you on our soon-to-be-built Regeneration portal.

About The Project

The first project phase is about convening a network of regeneration leaders who highlight the skills and capacities that are already part of our community. These leaders will give input on the community narrative and highlight immediate opportunities as well as barriers. The second phase of the project will amplify the visibility of this network and promote this new landscape & development narrative to key decision makers in our region.

The narrative will be co-created with a small, yet representative group of local leaders with good standing in farming, landscaping, ecosystems, and other talents from across the community. The group will examine the multiple functions that landscapes have for our region, including ecologic, social, economic, cultural services.

This initial research will aim to discover what adaptations our community can make, in order to leave behind a resilient community to our children and grandchildren.


The project is part of the Greenbelt Foundation’s effort to increase plant cover in the Greenbelt & Niagara Escarpment, and led by resilience/food system analyst and local farmers Thorsten Arnold and Madeline Marmor

Thanks to the interviewers and interviewees who have been a part of the research so far, all the organizations who have signed on to support it, and to all the volunteers involved in the project including Jo-Anne Harbinson, Joachim Ostertag, Leigh Grigg, Beth Anne Currie as well as the Nature Based Solutions Working Group from Georgian Bluffs.

Thanks to Owen Sound Sun Times, Owen Sound Hub, Bayshore Broadcasting and all the local media who've already reported on the project, since the announcement in March 2022.

This will be a uniting exercise, and The Sustainability Project looks forward to working together to create resilience.

Please stay in touch, as our exciting project is unfolding!