Regenerate Grey Bruce

We recognize that a new landscape narrative is already emerging within a multitude of diverse initiatives. We aim to be the umbrella, nurturing the relationships involved.

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About the Project

Regenerate Grey Bruce (RGB) is a two year project which hopes to bring residents of the region together to tell their own story about responding to the planetary crisis. Co-created through the individual stories, experiences and hopes for the future of the region shared in various ‘Narrative bridging points’ through the lens of Regeneration, such as in-person Workbees, intergenerational online Dialogue Circles, and an online platform hosting organizations, initiatives and businesses focused on land stewardship. A team of staff & volunteers from The Sustainability Project will weave these pieces together to build out this unique community plan for the future, working title a ‘Landscape Narrative of Hope’. We're getting there!

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Why a Landscape Narrative of Hope?

Regenerate Grey Bruce came about by the following reasons:

  1. Local community organizers are struggling to find landscape-based responses to climate change within the regional movement in the region;
  2. Decision making that is reactive to urgent issues and often lacks long-term thinking around our community response to climate change;
  3. The need for moving from “raising awareness” to “acting out change”. Most people have encountered information about the planetary crisis, but remain on the fence about changing behavior;
  4. The need to foster hope internally and collectively to offer a future that youth feel more secure about.


The project is part of the Greenbelt Foundation’s effort to increase plant cover in the Greenbelt & Niagara Escarpment, and led by resilience/food system analyst and local farmers Thorsten Arnold and Madeline Marmor.

This will be a uniting exercise, and The Sustainability Project looks forward to working together to create resilience.

Please get in touch, as our exciting project is unfolding!

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