About Us

It's great to save the planet, but it would be even better if we saved ourselves so that we were along for the ride.

We want to create a culture of sustainability in our communities. Our board members are all civic leaders and champions of at least one community project that creates positive change, and together we're learning what it takes to align all the great community efforts and move the bar on climate action, resilience to extreme weather, landscape regeneration, climate justice, food security, a doughnut (green) economy and anything else that makes our future brighter. Our strategy is to challenge existing narratives & affect change through education, outreach, and networking to "cross-pollinate" all the other contributors in sustainability.

We are a non-profit committed to creating a more optimistic and sustainable future here. We have 5 current projects, all headed in the same direction... to a culture of sustainability in the region.

Our Team

Leigh Grigg
Empowering great ideas into progress, to brighten the future
Beth Anne Currie
Leadership & experience aimed at sustainability, in rural and urban settings
Susi Schmidt
Learning and teaching for the future - a community for all
Nicholas Schwass
Regenerating connections with the natural world through education and empowerment
Bruce Davidson
A local champion of Circular Economy, and recycler-extrordinaire
Jo-Anne Harbinson - Co-Chair
A board member since 2019, Jo-Anne is our connection to the Conservation Authorities.
Simona Freibergova - Co-Chair
as passionate about growing her community as she is about growing food in a sustainable way

"Scaling-up" the big ideas that you dream up in order to better the planet, is at the heart of what we do.

Formerly known as Grey Bruce Sustainability Network, we've got a new name, a new vision, and a new look, starting in December 2021. Before this big change, we have been putting together projects and programming since 2010 as an incorporated not-for-profit, and for years earlier as a community group called Grey Bruce Environment Network.

What began as a bunch of activists rallying for change has evolved into an effective accelerator for big environmental ideas.

We are here for you. Our board of directors wants to hear about any project you think would benefit your local watershed, tree canopy, shoreline, biodiversity/ecosystems, soil health, food security, climate action plan, transition to a green economy, climate justice issue, and/or biosequestration potential around us. Chances are, if it helps your neighbourhood be more resilient and connected, it can apply to the next neighbourhood down the county road.

In the 10 years we've spent focusing on programming and grassroots initiatives, not to mention consulting on environmental planning at the municipal and county levels, we've very rarely promoted ourselves or explained our role in the community.

Everything here is changing with the launch of The Sustainability Project. Feel free to contact us anytime and tell us a) what you did and b) how you did it, so we can share your story region-wide.

If you have a great idea that will create a better future for our region, we want to help you make it a reality.

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Our Friends

Click the Sustainability Map here to explore the vast network of sustainable groups around us.