Equity of Change

Regenerate Grey Bruce is a project about change–how to respond to it, how to shape it, and how to inspire it.

Our Equity of Change Statement

To change when one wishes is a privilege, in that those that can can choose to make incremental changes, or to make bigger shifts, at their own pace, from a mind-set of comfort, or semi-comfort and have more control to influence how we collectively respond and shape our future in this period of big change.

There are many, many people who do not have that privilege, who are living in parts of our region, and our planet, where they have no choice but to change, often very suddenly, and often undesired. Scenarios like the need to leave suddenly because homes and fields are threatened or destroyed by forest fires or uncharacteristic rain events, or the inability to feed loved ones due to the rising cost of food mean folks are living in survival mode - where they do not have the ability, or resources, to choose something other than surviving that incident.

And so, RGB recognizes that we all change at the pace our lives dictate. We recognized that change is very difficult for many of us, and the changes that our human species, and our planet, need us to make in order to survive, are uncomfortable, may ensue complaints from neighbours or be misunderstood by family members.

The project staff, with deep respect, encourages those that have the privilege to change when they choose, to reflect on how they can find the places and spaces in their lives where they can start, and invite, and inspire more change to continue regenerating our beautiful landscapes.

Don't Forget!

Remember, the goal of RGB now is to amplify this emerging narrative we've uncovered, the collective and individual stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, acted out in real time through our decisions and actions. You can take action by:

PLANT (POLLINATORS and NATIVE SPECIES): Addressing barriers community members face in regenerating their surrounding landscapes i.e. planting native plants; supporting a regional native plant supply chain; and, bringing together nursery owners, farmers and seed collectors, etc.

SHARE (YOUR STORY): Publishing, Highlighting and Inviting more stories into the emerging narrative to i.e. Regeneration Stories, Presentations, StoryMap, Social Media, Signage/Messaging, etc.

INSPIRE (TO JOIN): Directly inviting friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join the work i.e. Theory of Change, Guide for Intergenerational Collaboration, YCAC collaboration, Wiarton Tiny Forest Collaboration, RGB Seed Collectors, etc.

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