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Local Climate Action Events

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Paradigm Shift - Acting on Activism

Venue: Zoom

Host: Climate Forum

Host Web site:


Online event address:

When: May 19, 2022 @ 07:00 PM

Climate Forum's Third Thursday gathering is on May 19th and will explore ACTIVISM when it comes to Climate Change. If you're not a quote-unquote "activist" you've certainly still got a role to play.

Panelists: Liz Zetlin Lori Kewaquom

Talk about it.

A Youth-Led Climate Forum

You're invited to this "check in" around our region on relevant environmental issues.

RSVP to May 19 to get the link:

GET NOTIFIED: Sign up at [

Climate Forum (formerly CAT Grey Bruce) gatherings give opportunities to hear about and discuss concrete regional initiatives related to climate, e.g. community gardens, trees and various personal and political actions, but they also act as a check-in for the entire community.  From Tobermory to Walkerton, from Blue Mountains to Saugeen First Nation, kind of like a "cross-county check-up" for the Traditional Territory of the SON.

The goal is to engage in a solution-focused discussion and explore concrete pathways forward that might "square" our many priorities with climate action.

Everyone is Welcome

Please bring along a friend and/or neighbour who you think would be interested.

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