GBCAN Annual Report

GBCAN is a grassroots network of citizens’ groups working with our
municipalities to address climate change.

The First Annual Report is now available in PDF, by clicking the link below:



Despite challenges due to the pandemic, our inaugural year has been a
good one. Through our shared commitment, we have deepened our
understanding, strengthened our resolve and expanded our impact on
regional opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt
to climate change. Looking ahead, there are already several
initiatives underway or planned.

We will continue cultivating relationships with both our Federal MP
and Provincial MPP to respectfully advocate for a focused and
proactive response to Climate Change from their governments.

Many municipalities in Grey-Bruce have already begun a review of their
Official Plan and some are developing Climate Action Plans (CAP). We
will continue to urge municipalities to ensure that a climate lens is
consciously and explicitly brought to the Official Plan review and
that our rich natural infrastructure is given a strong profile and
role. As Grey County nears completion of its CAP, we anticipate and
hope for even greater collaboration with lower tier municipalities on
developing Municipal CAPs.
It is possible for municipalities to receive funding, advice and
support in creating CAPs through membership in the Federation of
Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for Climate Protection (PCP)

The PCP program is a national network of over 400 municipalities with
the shared goal of taking action against climate change and reducing
local greenhouse gas emissions. Membership is free. Several
municipalities, including Northern Bruce Peninsula, West Grey, and
Georgian Bluffs have already/or plan to join the FCM PCP program. We
will encourage the other municipalities in our region to become

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