Meet Thorsten

With his wife Kristine Hammel, Thorsten operates Persephone Market Garden, a small regenerative vegetable farm with sheep pastures and, lately, efforts to regenerate tree plantations. Thorsten has lived along the Grey Bruce county line for 14 years.

Thorsten has been concerned with environmental degradation and in particular with climate change since High school. He finished a bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering and then a Master degree in Earth Systems Sciences, specializing in climate change (in 2001, he had the opportunity to participate in COP7 in Marrakesh). Since then, Thorsten has focused on climate-resilient food systems. During his PhD, he studied equity impacts from watershed management policies in an irrigated agricultural region in Chile. He is involved in many grassroots projects around climate and food; he works as analyst, educator, writer, strategist, researcher, consultant, and volunteer. He is advocating for regenerative and climate-resilient food systems for his entire professional life. In our community, many know him as instigator of Eat Local Grey Bruce, our local online farmers market.

This project was mostly his brainchild, and he is now project coordinator. Thorsten is hopeful to strengthen a community of practice around biosphere regeneration close to his home. For his blog and bio, visit his website.

Don't Forget!

Remember, the goal of RGB now is to amplify this emerging narrative we've uncovered, the collective and individual stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, acted out in real time through our decisions and actions. You can take action by:

PLANT (POLLINATORS and NATIVE SPECIES): Addressing barriers community members face in regenerating their surrounding landscapes i.e. planting native plants; supporting a regional native plant supply chain; and, bringing together nursery owners, farmers and seed collectors, etc.

SHARE (YOUR STORY): Publishing, Highlighting and Inviting more stories into the emerging narrative to i.e. Regeneration Stories, Presentations, StoryMap, Social Media, Signage/Messaging, etc.

INSPIRE (TO JOIN): Directly inviting friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join the work i.e. Theory of Change, Guide for Intergenerational Collaboration, YCAC collaboration, Wiarton Tiny Forest Collaboration, RGB Seed Collectors, etc.

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