Foraging Wild Edibles

Venue: By The Bluffs

City or town: Lake Charles

Street address: 170513 Centre Road

Postal code: N0h 2t0

Start Date: Saturday, September 9 @ 09:00

End Date: Saturday, September 9 @ 23:00

Host name: By the Bluffs Nursery & Orchard

Host email:

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About This Event

Foraging from the wild has a multitude of benefits, but so does foraging from your yard! As more and more people begin foraging, it is important to learn how to forage in a sustainable manner, and better yet, how to grow your own wild foods in your gardens that will provide for you for many years. We’ll take a taste testing tour through the property sharing plants that I have planted here, and some that are truly wild too.

Through this workshop you will learn:

  • why wild foods are important,
  • how to sustainably harvest wild foods,
  • how to use the plants safely,
  • the benefits and drawbacks of each, and
  • how to grow and care for the plants.
    A refreshing and nutrient dense drink made from wild edibles will be provided.

Details at:
To register please email rootedbythebluffs [at]

Workshop Prices range from $45 to $65